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L’insediamento di Antemio (467 d.C.)

digital L’insediamento di Antemio (467 d.C.)
rivista AEVUM
fascicolo AEVUM - 2017 - 1
titolo L’insediamento di Antemio (467 d.C.)
editore Vita e Pensiero
formato Articolo | Pdf
online da 06-2017
issn 0001-9593 (stampa) | 1827-787X (digitale)
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At the beginning of 467 AD, Procopius Anthemius came to Italy to be elected emperor. He was Greek and his origins were accepted with suspicion by many people in the western Roman Empire. Despite the distrust that we can effectively find in several sources, the name of Anthemius was seen as the best choice by the senate of Rome. In fact, he not only provided massive financial support for the military campaign against the Vandals but also counterbalanced the excessive power recently gained by Ricimer. The accession of Anthemius therefore represents a turning point: after the death of the aristocratic emperor Libius Severus, a large part of the senate chose to loose their ties with the barbarian patricius praesentalis and sought a new harmony with the eastern Roman Empire.