Libri di Marta Volonté - libri Aevum Vita e Pensiero

Marta Volonté

Titoli dell'autore

Una versificazione medievale del De vera et falsa poenitentia pseudo-agostiniano novitàdigital
Anno: 2022
MS Ambr. N 162 sup., XII century, probably Bologna, transmits two different still unknown works about penance: an anonymous prosimetron and a long poem. This article analyses the first one, a medieval versification of some passages of Augustinian or pseudo-Augustinian texts on the subject of penance, expecially De vera et falsa poenitentia, that in the later Middle Ages had wide circulation under the name of Augustine. In this prosimetron the patristic and medieval sentences are accompanied by epigrams in elegiac couplets, where the anonymous author summarizes the content of the prose in poetry...
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