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Carlo Pulsoni

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Minima marginalia al Premio Viareggio 1963 digital Minima marginalia al Premio Viareggio 1963
Anno: 2012
SUMMARY: A set of unpublished letters by Vanni Scheiwiller allows to reconstruct the events behind the 1963 Viareggio Literary Prize, one of the most turbulent editions in the history of this prestigious award. Moreover these letters shine a new light on Scheiwiller’s role in promoting dialectal poetry, in particular that of the Grado-born poet Biagio Marin, whose works had been published by Scheiwiller in Milano since 1961, starting with the anthology "Solitae" edited by Pier Paolo Pasolini. In the Appendix, the edition of some excerpts of an unpublished correspondence between Pasolini and Marin and between Marin and Scheiwiller explains the editorial phases of "Solitae".
€ 6,00
Postillati cinquecenteschi del Decameron digital Postillati cinquecenteschi del Decameron
Anno: 2009
Exemplars of XVIth-Century editions of Boccaccio’s Decameron have been systematically examined for the purpose of studying all the handwritten marginalia. A few proved particularly interesting for their connection with Pietro Bembo’s linguistic studies. In Vat. Capponi IV. 508 (Decameron, Venice 1546) some notes attest with full particulars Bembo’s work on an exemplar of the Dolfin edition (Venice 1516). Copious sets of marginalia are seen in Paris, BNF, Rés. Y 2. 799 (Decameron, Venice 1516). The anonymous annotators follow close behind the linguistic interests of Bembo and Niccolò Liburnio.
€ 6,00
Sulla morfologia dei congedi della sestina digital Sulla morfologia dei congedi della sestina
Anno: 09/1995
€ 6,00
Bembo correttore di Luigi da Porto? digital Bembo correttore di Luigi da Porto?
Anno: 09/1993
€ 6,00

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