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Gaia Bolpagni

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Sei lettere autografe di Giovanni Mattia Tiberino: un percorso biografico digital
formato: Articolo | AEVUM - 2010 - 3
Anno: 2010
Giovanni Mattia Tiberino, a physician and humanist, was born in Chiari, near Brescia; he is known for his role in the affair of Simone of Trento, a baby who was found murdered in the irrigation ditch of this city at Easter 1475. The local Jewish community was immediately accused of his death; the baby was honoured as a martyr and called “beato Simonino”. The years that Tiberino spent at the court of the prince-bishof of Trento Johannes Hinderbach, promoting the young martyr’s cult, are relatively investigated. Other biographical aspects are less known, and documents are scanty. A welcome addition are six autograph letters preserved in Chiari, Biblioteca Morcelliana, Fondo Ludovico Ricci, busta 17 (olim Arm. Mss. A II 8), ff. 60-65, which are here edited. Three of the letters are in Latin, and three in the vernacular. They provide information on Tiberino’s curriculum studiorum, his economical situation, his friends in Chiari and relationships with his native town.
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