Libri di Nicoletta Giovè - libri Aevum Vita e Pensiero

Nicoletta Giovè

Titoli dell'autore

I copisti dei manoscritti datati digital I copisti dei manoscritti datati
Anno: 2008
The “Manoscritti datati d’Italia” series is covering an increasing number of manuscript collections in Italian libraries and provides the opportunity to examine different typologies of scribal subscriptions. The scribe can be a professional worker, or a notary, or amateur, or the author himself; sometimes he offers information on his age, health or social status. The colophon may mention the MS commissioner, the date and place of execution, how long the work lasted and other circumstances. The colophon may include a request for prayers or for money, cryptograms, verses, old topoi. In university texts a large number of scribes with foreign names testifies to the many transalpini, who were active in Italy.
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