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I Miracula della Vergine per la chiesa di Santa Maria in strada in Monza (sec. XIV): storia politica e storia sacra nell’opera di Bonincontro Morigia digital
Anno: 2015
Thanks to the invention of a small-size codex in the 2627 folder of the Fondo di religione at Milan’s Archivio di Stato, we publish here the full text of a short chronicle of the 14th century. Its title is Miracula meritis gloriose Virginis Marie facta in opere eius ecclesie de novo edifficate in Modoetia in contrata Strate; until now, we have only known it through the partial transcription made by Anton Francesco Frisi in the 18th century...
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Alle origini di un mito borghigiano: Gerardo Tintori e l’hospitale pauperum di Monza nei secoli XII-XIV digital
Anno: 2011
SUMMARY: Gerardo Tintori, a layman, was the founder of a hospital in the small city of Monza at the end of the 12th century. Notarial deeds concerning this foundation and the later history of the hospital are discussed in this article. A few decades after the death of Gerardo (1207) documents, mentioning him always in connection with his hospital, give him the title of beatus (1230) and of sanctus (1247). In fact between the 12th and the 13th century a new model of holiness, deeply rooted in the city social life, became popular in Italy, namely lay persons devoted to charitable actions and to relief of the poor and the sick. The 14th-century Chronicon Modoetiense, written by Bonincontro Morigia, includes the first biography of Gerardo and attributes a great number of miracles to him. Besides, this Chronicon praises highly the veneration of saint Gerardo.
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«Ut in libro annualium continetur». Il codice Ambr. N.I.2 inf. e il Kalendarium-Obituarium della Chiesa di Monza digital
Anno: 2008
MS Ambr. N.I.2 inf., fasc. 12, is an account book of the church of St John the Baptist in Monza, drawn up by only one hand ca 1404. It includes records of incomes, paid in farm produces or cash, from liturgical officiations in several churches in the district of Monza and similar. Most interesting is the list of Masses for the dead to be celebrated in St John the Baptist: it appears to be an excerpt from the official old and large obituary book (Kalendarium-Obituarium, now Monza, Bibl. Capitolare, h-14, saec. XII-XIII, with additions up to the early XVIth century). This selective copy was made for the purpose of providing a handy list of anniversaries still to be celebrated, with the exclusion of the many oldest and forgotten names which filled the pages of the great obituary. The text is here edited.
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Le carte dell'ospedale di San Biagio in Monza (secoli XII-XIII) digital
Anno: 05/1999
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Prime ricerche per una storia delle case religiose in Monza: la Domus Caputiarum de Piro (sec. XIV) digital
Anno: 05/1987
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