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Stefano Berti

Libri dell'autore

La dedica degli Ateniesi per la vittoria su Beoti e Calcidesi del 506 a.C. (IG I3 501) e la data del suo ripristino digital
formato: Articolo | AEVUM - 2010 - 1
Anno: 2010
The Athenian victory over Boeotians and Chalcidians (506 B.C.) is well attested by literary and epigraphical sources. The Athenians dedicated a four-horse chariot on the Acropolis. Fragments of two dedicatory inscriptions are extant, the 6th-century original and a 5th-century restored copy. An accurate datation of the copy is matter of discussion. This article aims at reassessing the historical context of the restoration in the light of the sources, some of which are usually neglected. The restoration dates back to the fifties, when the Athenians were at the height of their power, rather than to the forties, when they had to face strong difficulties. Moreover, several analogies between the situation of 506 and that of 457 may be detected: as a consequence, the hypothesis of a restoration after the battle of Oinophyta is confirmed.
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