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Xavier Espluga

Libri dell'autore

Resti di una silloge epigrafica dell’Archivio Muratoriano, erroneamente attribuita a Tommaso Sclaricino del Gambaro digital
formato: Articolo | AEVUM - 2016 - 3
Anno: 2016
This paper presents three leaves belonging to an epigraphic collection (now Modena, Estense, Archivio Muratoriano 37.92, cc. 12r, 13b and 13) that were attributed to the Bolognese lecturer Tommaso Sclaricino del Gambaro by Mommsen in CIL. The paper rejects this attribution and suggests to connect these three leaves with the textual tradition of another XVth epigraphic manuscript (Faenza, Biblioteca Comunale Manfrediana, ms. 7)...
€ 6,00
Early humanist emendations to the text of Cicero’s De provinciis consularibus digital
formato: Articolo | AEVUM - 2014 - 1
Anno: 2014
The emendation work to the text of Cicero’s De prouinciis consularibus in two early humanist Florentine manuscripts is examined...
€ 6,00
Una lettera di Luigi Mingarelli e un perduto esemplare della silloge ‘signoriliana’ digital
formato: Articolo | AEVUM - 2012 - 3
Anno: 2012
SUMMARY: A lost manuscript formerly in the library of the canons of S. Salvatore in Bologna was seen by abbot Luigi Mingarelli, who quotes two Latin inscriptions from it in a letter to the antiquarian Gaetano Marini (1790), preserved in MS Vat. Lat. 9053. The letter is here edited. The description given by Mingarelli attests to a connection between this lost manuscript and two other codices containing the first recensio of the epigraphic collection traditionally known as signoriliana (MSS Vat. Barb. Lat. 1952 and Venice, Marc. Lat. XIV, 264).
€ 6,00
Il perduto manoscritto ‘Labusiano’ di Felice Feliciano digital
formato: Articolo | AEVUM - 2011 - 3
Anno: 2011
Felice Feliciano’s collection of inscriptions is transmitted by several manuscripts; one of them, which was supposed to be the oldest and is named Labusianus after the former owner, Giovanni Labus ({ 1853), is presently lost. It is known only from 19th and 20th century scholarly descriptions and photographs of four pages, kept in Albino Garzetti’s archive in Brescia. The history and content of the Labusianus are here studied and it is also compared with other witnesses to the same epigraphic collection, in order to establish its position in Feliciano’s antiquarian production. Against the opinion of Theodor Mommsen, it is suggested that the Labusiano was not the earliest epigraphic manuscript of Feliciano.
€ 6,00