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The rise and fall of Renaissance Italy

digital The rise and fall of Renaissance Italy
rivista AEVUM
fascicolo AEVUM - 2015 - 3
titolo The rise and fall of Renaissance Italy
editore Vita e Pensiero
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issn 0001-9593 (stampa) | 1827-787X (digitale)
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No one denies the historical reality of Italian Renaissance. The question to ask, therefore, is how and when it began, and, consequently, how and when it ended. Starting from the premise that as an historical epoch the Renaissance was not the beginning of modernity nor in some way the anti-Middle Ages, but rather the final and, one might even say, culminating phase of the Middle Ages when Italy took over the cultural leadership of Europe, this essay argues for the distinctive forms of Italian Renaissance culture and society to have come into being in the thirteenth century and to have run to ground in the seventeenth as much that was once new and vibrant became fossilized and backward looking, and as the urban society that gave birth to the Italian Renaissance itself began to suffer a prolonged economic and social crisis. En passant, rejected is the view that the Counter Reformation is mainly responsible for Italy’s intellectual decline. John Monfasani, University at Albany, SUNY

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John Monfasani, University at Albany, SUNY