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Nemesiano, Cyn. 67-68

digital Nemesiano, Cyn. 67-68
rivista AEVUM
fascicolo AEVUM - 2012 - 1
titolo Nemesiano, Cyn. 67-68
editore Vita e Pensiero
formato Articolo | Pdf
online da 01-2012
issn 0001-9593 (stampa) | 1827-787X (digitale)
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SUMMARY: This paper deals with a passage from the long and well-constructed poem of Nemesianus, Cynegetica, vv. 67-68, about which several scholars have raised doubts, because the same verb, bibunt, is repeated in two successive lines. However, all the proposed emendations are in many respects unsatisfactory. In accordance with Horace, carm. 4, 14, 45-46, and Lucan 10, 189-191, we suggest emending bibunt v. 68 with ignotum and reading the whole of the passage in this way: gentes / quae Rhenum Tigrimque bibunt Ararisque remotum / principium Nilique in origine fontem.